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Halloweenie Roast- Ever felt like the classic slasher flicks were missing a certain something? Like naked Playgirl jocks doing the famous, Oh, I twisted my ankle! while running from the killer? Or, maybe pissed-off lesbians firing semiautomatic weapons in a feminist rage? Well, while we wait for the good people at Paramount to deliver Friday the 13th, Part 28: Jason Does Full Frontal, spice up your Halloween party with Dead Boyz Don't Scream.( for campy, homo-horror-liscious laughs. ( A huge gold star goes to Victoria Redstall, who steals the movie as a bitchier-than-Joan Collins modeling agent.) Did we mention that one guy gets his Hallowiener chopped off? Trash or treat!
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"Gay-sploitation" is what the filmmakers call this fun buck-naked Playgirl model- filled horror romp.

Dead Boys may not scream, but you will howl with laughter in this campy horror movie send up. Marc Saltarelli 's Dead Boyz Don't Scream is a horror spoof filled with lots of laughs and even more nudity. The film had its world premiere this week as part of the Philadelphia International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival.

To take the heat off of her models following a sex scandal, Tess sends them to a weekend modeling shoot at the Dry Gulph Ranch for a photographer's book. Before you can say where'd his underwear go the boys start splitting up and splitting apart - literally.

None of the guys in the film can act. That becomes apparent by the end of the first scene, as does the real reason that they were cast. Each of the guys has a body that they have slaved in the gym for years to achieve and have not problem showing it off. Still it would have been nice to have decent actors in the male roles.

What makes the film so much fun is that it gets to the level of camp that doesn't quite make it a bad movie, but it does make it a fun one to watch. Part of the fun, of course, is that the filmmakers are in on it as well. With lines like "I'm no detective but it looks like blood to me" being spouted out by a park ranger, you know that this was a script written with tongue pressed firmly into cheek.

Perhaps more important to some viewers than the film's camp factor is the nudity galore. In less than an hour of the film there are 60 shots where at least one (but possibly more) penis is on displace - the nudity was so gratuitous in was begging to be counted.

Horror movie aficionados need not worry; there is violence and gore also. The ending of Hostel 2 has nothing on one of the death scenes in Dead Boys."Staying true to the title, it is only the girls who scream when the die.

So if you get the chance, take the plunge. It won't kill you to see Dead Boyz Don't Scream ... or will it?