Marc Saltarelli
This is Marc's narrative feature debut. Marc's short, WHERE WE BEGAN, won 4th runner up at the 2007 Planet Out Short Film Awards and his 2nd short, WINGTIPS, can be seen this year at many film festivals. Read Marc's full Bio

Jerry Goldberg
Jerry produced the gay feature film hit, LEATHER JACKET LOVE STORY. Jerry also produced a wacky kids comedy, PIZZA WARS, starring 70's television icons, Dick Van Patten and Bernie Kopell; Beach Babes from Beyond; and Prehysteria! 2 & 3 for Paramount Home Video.

Carl F. Bartels
(Director of Photography)
His previous features include the gay hits, ANOTHER GAY MOVIE, ADAM & STEVE and LATTER DAYS.

Switch 22
(Boy Pop Band)
2 hotties from the UK, who claim the title "The Superheroes of Pop". Their combination of looks, grooves, glam and fantasy prove popular at their concerts, including many Gay Pride events. Their song, "Electric Girl", which is featured here, will be released as their first UK single in Winter 2007.
Visit the Switch-22 MySpace page.